Nikola Basic

  • Born in 1946 in Murter, Croatia.
  • Attended High School in Zadar.
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in Sarajevo, 1972
  • Attended the postgraduate study programme “Architectural Structures” in Sarajevo (1978-80).
  • Upon completing studies employed at the Institute of Study and Design “Dom” in Sarajevo.
  • From 1976 to 1981 employed as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo at the Department of Public Buildings Designing.
  • From 1981 employed at the designing company “Donat” in Zadar as Head of Design Unit.
  • 1985-91 heads the architectural designing team employed for designing “SAS” company facilities, Zadar.
  • From 1991 heads his own architectural-designing firm named “MARINAPROJEKT”.
  • Senior lecturer, Head of the Architectural Workshop at the University of Split Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture from 2005
  • A member of the Academy – associate of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (CASA) – in the Class of Visual Arts from 2008

Significant Realizations:

1975      City Dispensary Centre Sarajevo

1975      Business and Sports Centre “Mejdan” in Tuzla

1985      Marina Hramina, Murter

1988      Basketball Club Zadar

1988      Municipal Loggia Zadar

1989      Block 9 in the Housing Project Bili Brig, Zadar

1990      Country house “White Rose Gangarola”

1991      Nautical Centre “Golden Port” (Zlatna Luka), Bibinje- Sukošan

1991      The “SAS” Complex, Zadar

1991      Marina in Betina

1998      Business and Housing Building “Vrbik” – Zagreb

1998      The Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Okit – Vodice

1999      The Church of St. Joseph, Ražine – Šibenik

2000      Zadrar Shopping Mall

2000      The “Holy Mother of Freedom” Sanctuary, Jarun – Zagreb

2001      Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Convent, Šibenik

2002      Business and Housing Building Maksimirska 34, Zagreb

2003      Marina Hramina – sanitary facilities

2003      The Pope’s stage at the Forum

2005      Sea Organs Zadar

2005      Business and Housing Complex TIZ Zadar

2006      The St. Anthony Church and Convent, Šubićevac, Šibenik

2006      Indoor Swimming Pools Zadar

2008      The Greeting to the Sun Zadar

Significant Awards and Recognitions:

  • The Collegium artisticumAward, Sarajevo, 1980
  • The  Annual Award Vladimir Nazor 1991
  • The Večernji listAward for Best Architectural Realization in 1991
  • The “Drago Galić” Award for Housing Project Architecture in 1991
  • The Piranesi Award (with B. Marov) for the gas station at the “Golden Port” Marina, 1992
  • The  Annual Award “Vladimir Nazor” 1991
  • The “32 Zagreb Salon” Award for the Renovation Proposal of Sacral Architecture, 1997
  • The “35 Zagreb Salon” Grand Prix, 2000
  • The “Bernardo Bernardi” Award for 2004
  • The “Stone in Architecture” Award, Brač 2005
  • D!BEST Award of the Croatian Design Centre, 2006
  • CEMEX Building Award Croatia, 2006
  • European Prize of Urban Public Space 2006 / CCCB, Barcelona
  • Cemex International Building Award 2006, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Selected Work Mies van der Rohe Award 2007, Barcelona