Split Talks 2010

The development strategy of the Croatian coastline is characterized by the concept of isolating tourism into separate tourist zones: they are non-residential areas, while the construction of hotels in residential areas is not permitted. Within the six-year period in which the strategy has been in existence, not one out of some seven hundred zones has come close to realization; individual cases such as “Vrtovi sunca“ (Gardens of Sun) or the Kempinski Resort are projects which were initiated in earlier periods, and cannot serve to verify the validity of the concept. At the same time, facilities and interventions that have raised the value of nautical tourism in the past few years, from the Kornats to the Pakleni Islands, are at odds with the current strategy.

Themes to be discussed at SPLITalks include exploring existing alternatives to that model, along with insights into experiences of other environments.

SplitTalks-discussions on architecture is a three-day professsional conference organized by the University of Split Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Internet portal www.pogledaj.to which will be held June 16 – 18, 2010 in Diocletian’s Palace.

The theme of SPLITalks 2010 is Tourism/Zoning, with the question is it possible for tourism to become the new generator of our coastline development. This theme imposes itself not only due to the significance of tourism for the Croatian economy in general, but also in light of former spatial policy analysis.

The Programme is conceived as a series of round table discussions, lectures and accompanying events: exhibits of Split students’ works based on their assignment to cover tourist zones, as well as a professional excursion.

Speakers at SPLITalks include Croatian and international lecturers from the field of architecture and zoning, holders of Croatian spatial policies, as well as tourist workers.

Participation in the conference is credited with 20 credits (of which 12 are from the regulatory rules) within the framework of the Permanent Professional Training Programme.